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Construction Services

In addition to our full range of business accounting, tax, and financial offerings, Woodcock & Associates offers financial and tax services customized to the construction industry. Our staff have worked with commercial and residential contractors, large and small, for over 30 years.

Monitoring services allow you to understand how your company compares to others in your industry, how this year compares to last year, and how third party users, like banks and bonding companies, interpret your statements.  Monitoring services include:

  • Trend analysis and benchmarking
  • Contract schedule design, reconciliation, and analysis
  • Financial statement interpretation and analysis
  • Management meetings to communicate and implement recommendations

Advisory services are designed to maximize your financial and tax positions.  Management snapshots help you negotiate the vast amounts of information generated by today's technology. Social media posts and monthly newsletters keep you connected. Advisory services include:

  • Tax reduction and deferral
  • Financial management including cash flow analysis, budgeting, and projections
  • Project management insights through performance and job analysis
  • Equipment management advice through depreciation strategies, costing and allocation
  • Accounting system and software assessment, design, and monitoring
  • Debt analysis and negotiation
  • Inventory management
  • Bond enhancement

For more information, contact our construction team.