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When Saving for Retirement in Taxable Accounts Is a Good Idea

Mon, Jun 3rd 2019
Most people associate saving for retirement with tax deferred or non-taxable accounts: 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc. The tax benefits of these types of retirement accounts give individuals advantages over simply investing in a regular taxable brokerage account.   Saving for retirement in a standard taxable account can also have its place – and the option shouldn’t be ignored. In this article, we’ll look at a handful of reasons why doing so might just be the best option.... Read More »

Know Your Company's KPIs

Tue, May 28th 2019
"Key performance indicators" let you know whether or not your business is on track for success. Operating a business without KPIs is like piloting a plane without instruments. KPIs shine a light on performance and reveal which areas in your business need attention. There are scores of KPIs, and not all, or even most of them, will be relevant for your business. The key is to learn which ones will give you a snapshot of your company's health and to understand how best to use them. Following are... Read More »

Weighing the Decision to Buy or to Lease

Mon, May 20th 2019
After paying rent for several years, many business owners no longer want to help their landlord build equity in the building they lease. Ultimately, they may regret not purchasing the property from the outset. The principals at the commercial real estate firm Beckner & Associates (B&A) in Lenexa, Kansas, think most businesses should own their own property. The hard questions are when and how. This is why it’s critical for small-business owners to consider the advantages of owning their... Read More »

Understanding the Components of a Buy-Sell Agreement

Mon, May 13th 2019
You want to protect your company against disruptive, harmful and nonproductive owners, which may include divorced spouses, competitors and disgruntled former employees. And you’re also thinking that your estate needs protection. You decide to enter into a buy-sell agreement while the interests of the parties — your partners and yourself — are aligned or at least not sufficiently misaligned that it would be impossible to discuss the business and valuation aspects of these agreements. You know... Read More »

The High Cost of Internal Fraud

Mon, May 6th 2019
Every so often a dramatic case of financial fraud makes the headlines because of the sheer amount of money involved. But, on average, companies with fewer than 100 employees suffer the largest median loss and 42% of fraud cases are caused by a lack of internal controls. Internal fraud exacts a high cost in terms of financial losses (only about 39% of stolen monies are recovered), company reputation and company culture. No one wants to think that someone at their company is capable of fraud, but... Read More »