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Is Your Construction Firm an Easy Target?

Thu, Nov 13th 2014
No company is safe from fraud. Some frauds are crimes of opportunity. The majority of them, however, are the result of long hours of planning and effort. Construction firms are particularly vulnerable to fraud because most  are small companies that lack the resources to put extensive controls in place.   Some of the most common frauds that impact construction companies involve employees who:   Create fictitious vendors and pocket payments made for nonexistent materials or services Forge... Read More »

Control Your Exposure to Workers’ Compensation Claims

Thu, Nov 13th 2014
Control Your Exposure to Workers’ Compensation Claims When it comes to workers’ compensation, contractors have good reason to pay attention. The main concern, of course, is keeping workers as safe as possible on the job. But there are financial issues to consider as well. Workers’ compensation insurance premiums are a significant expense for most contractors. In addition, contractors typically incur indirect costs that are not covered by insurance when there is a workplace injury resulting in a... Read More »