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Six Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Mon, Sep 18th 2017
Data breaches aren’t surprising these days. The differences with the recent Equifax breach was the volume of consumers exposed, the type of information stolen and the company’s poor handling of the situation afterward. The massive Equifax breach earlier this year left approximately 143 million people’s personal information exposed and vulnerable. The hackers accessed people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. This means that... Read More »

The Many Benefits of Delaying Retirement

Mon, Sep 11th 2017
Traditionally, retirement was short and peaceful. People worked jobs that were hard on the body – such as farming, manufacturing, tradesmen or railroad workers. If you made it to retirement, you were relieved to have the chance to wind down your days in restful repose. That all changed in the latter part of the 20th century. Retirees began to take advantage of affordable travel opportunities enabled by cars that could drive great distances and highways that could accommodate them, as well as... Read More »

Is Selling a Product or Service More Effective than Selling an Experience?

Tue, Sep 5th 2017
With the advent of the Internet, and especially social media, the difference between marketing a product or service to customers versus creating an experience can be a long-term challenge for business owners. Defining Customer Experience Versus Product/Service Focus When focusing on the product or service alone, it can often encapsulate a single touchpoint where a customer learns about the product or service through a sales call or product advertisement. In contrast, through near-instantaneous... Read More »

Eye on Retirement Series 4 - Reviewing Non­Spouse IRA Beneficiary Rules

Mon, Aug 28th 2017
At the end of last year, Congress was considering tying up a tax revenue loophole known as the Stretch IRA. Currently, a traditional IRA can be passed from one generation to the next, thereby extending tax-deferred growth to a non-spousal beneficiary. In recent months, Congress has been distracted by budget bills and healthcare legislation; but as Congress turns its attention to tax reform in the coming months, this loophole could be on the table again. Currently, when a spouse inherits an IRA... Read More »

Eye On Retirement Series 3 - Mitigate the Biggest Threats to Retirement Income

Mon, Aug 21st 2017
The LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute estimates that the average healthy person will live through their mid-90s. If you retire at the traditional age during your 60s, this could mean needing enough retirement income for 30 years or more. That is no small trick once you’ve stopped earning a paycheck. As if saving that much money isn’t enough, the following are other threats retirees face in planning for retirement income. Market volatility: Reposition assets to reduce risk A younger investor can... Read More »